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Westwood Boyz
"With A Gang Enhancement"

Talent or Skills?
Now that we are establishing our foundation we are opening the doors to the world. We are fully aware that the world is a big place N there will obviously be ppl out there who have talent or skills that is over looked. Maybe you can sing your ass off (ladies please dont sing your ass off literally, thats one of our favorite girl parts), rap, make beats, write, make videos, make us breakfast, dance or "dance on a pole" create websites, video games/ phone apps, or maybe you got an education in promotion, business, law, it doesnt matter....holler at us we wanna see what the world has to offer us...cant promise everyone we will be able to answer you back individually however we would like to say we will definetly we do appreciate your support, much love N heartbeat!
If you have photos or some type of media please email us at all other inquiries not in need of such requirements fill out form below. Please include a header at top of your message if it is to the attention of Rabbit, Frosty, Puppet, Ignacio, Roger That, Fuzzy Fotoz, Talent/skills, Westwoodboyz, etc. Thank you 

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Are you a professional or will this be your debut? please explain your status:
Are you looking to network, get exposure, or to get paid? please note, at this time your chances of being contacted back are greater if you are one of the many who is willing to show us you are part of a family N team.:
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